So how much the cost of Genuine v/s Fraud Pendant

Approx weight: 15 grams
Silver Used Approx: 8 Grams

Total Approx Cost: Silver $12.00 / Gemstone $8.00 / Labour $2.00 = $22.00 At least if GENUINE

AND IF FRAUD? Just $2.00



See this store.
Proper Fraud.

You can see the POLISH on this pendant, clearly visible the worst quality of the polish.

Base metal is highly dangerous white metal and then polished with white metal and CALLING SILVER

NO ETHICS, NO MORAL, NO Value for Human Being


How it is possible? Think!

See this eBay shop:

They say, this item is:

43 gram 925 sterling silver Bracelet

43 Gram Silver will cost at least $45!!! yes $45.00 only for Silver It Self. Now add amount for Gemstones and then Labour!



I found another one, see how shiny there silver is. They are starting bid from 0.99 $ of a necklace which would cost $60 in real silver with amethyst.


When they sell dodgy metal, glass stones, they can easily make money even if they sell it for $10.00



Be very careful of this supplier. Many of our friends have been cheated by this company.


Be very careful of this supplier. Many of our friends have been cheated by this company.

They run several websites with different names and try to take orders by paypal or bank transfer.  They all look very good websites and genuine but you will never get items. If you get, you will get in german silver or white metal.

The problem is, such suppliers has given very bad name to jaipur jewellery industry and companies.



Don’t buy Metal Jewellery!!!!

Some details how these fraud sellers make money!!!


What Is German Silver ?

The name German silver or nickel silver is misleading since it has no silver con­tent, but is an alloy of 60 per cent copper, 20 per cent nickel and 20 per cent zinc. It resembles silver but instead of the soft white colour it has a yellow-grey tinge.

German silver is used exten­sively in the hollow-ware and flatware industries as E.P.N.S. (electro-plated nickel silver), which is a nickel silver item with a plating of silver. Nickel silver is slightly more difficult to work for jewelry purpose, than copper and other metals, since it is a harder alloy. Again it is prone to tarnish on exposure to air and will turn the skin green with prolonged contact.

So whats the deal then!!!!

Ok let me explain you whats the deal here… lets talk about costing….

Total Weight of this item is : 62 grams
German Silver (Metal) weight is approx : 20 grams
Face Gemstone Weight is approx: 42 Grams

Metal Cost is : $2.00 – Yes just that. This is a cheap, crap metal which makes your skin horrible by the time.
Stone Cost: $0.08per gram so total cost is: $3.36
Making Charges (Labour Charges) : $2.00 per peice in India – yes very cheap.
Polishing + Finishing + Other : $2.00


And see how they are selling….

Now you decide… its upto you




Limit of Fraud Information….

Limit of Fraud Information….

Look at this seller. Look this necklace… this necklace is approx 20 grams.

So if 15 grams of silver is used in this necklace, the silver cost itself is $15.00

But they are selling just under 2$ ??

How? Simple very simple!! They are using metal with plating which is harmful to skin as well…


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Another Fraud Seller

Another Fraud Seller


This is another Fraud Seller who is selling Silver Plated Metal Jewelry

One time biggest seller also a cheater now:

Lets talk about this store. They used to sell Genuine Silver Jewelry 1 year ago. Because of silver prices, they couldn’t afford selling pure silver items so they started selling german silver items quietly. Because they had such a good reputation (they used to be No 1 seller once) their customer always believed them. So they proudly write .925 Silver which is totally wrong.

Look at the items… every single piece is on this shop is german silver – a very dangerous combination.

Here are some pictures and then links below. None of the necklace costs them more than $20 each. None of the pendant cost them more than $4 each. But they are making money like anything….

Watch few more dodgy items. They are just a few. Every single piece on this eBay shop it a fake silver item.

  • Silver Rush’s German Silver Item 1

  • Silver Rush’s German Silver Item 2

  • Silver Rush’s German Silver Item 3

    and many many many more……